Recommended exercise for lower body diet. ( from Japan)


By continuing exercise in the lower body, you can expect the efficiency improvement effect of the diet. The lower body training diet has tried various methods so far, and it is a technique that I want to try it to people who only fail. Jogging, jumping rope and squats are especially recommended as they are exercises that often use lower body muscles.


When doing these exercises, be careful not to place too much pressure on your knees and hips. It is also necessary to take care so that the hips, knees and ankles are not stressed. When doing a diet, it is important to exercise while being careful not to overload your body. To do an effective diet, keep the muscles warm by exercising just like a muscle workout before doing aerobic exercise.


In order to consume the fat accumulated in the body as energy, appropriate aerobic exercise is suitable. Fat is accumulated in various places of the body, but by doing exercise etc., it will be used away from the fat near the muscle. The lower body fat is consumed as energy by training the fat that covers most of the legs.



In consultation with your physical condition and physical strength, it is a long-lasting knack to diet to the extent that it does not overdo it. It is important that the diet be kept in a way that is easy to do so that it will not return to its original weight once it has gained weight.


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