How to prevent Bad breath part 30 (from Japan)


Why go to a dentist regularly and take care of your mouth

Generally speaking, the impression that a dentist is going to cure dental caries is overwhelmingly strong.
Therefore, there may be few people who visit except when there is pain or discomfort in the mouth.
But in fact, the dentist has another role, “mouth care”.


Mouth care is care of mouth care.
It’s “prevention,” so to keep the mouth clean and prevent illness and dental caries.
Therefore, in order not to make the cause of bad breath, mouse care is indispensable.
The dentist can do the mouth care.


The main mouth cares performed by the dentist are “mouth examination” and “removal of plaque and calculus”.
The inside of the mouth is difficult to see in every corner, even if you open it in front of the mirror.
In order to check in more detail, it is best to have an expert look at it.
Also, you can not do anything yourself, such as plaque and calculus.
You need to go to your dentist and get a sharp cut.


It seems that many people are reluctant to go to the dentist and spend time and money just to do mouth care, and there are not many people who receive regular examinations.
However, if you take care of your mouth care, you can prevent dental diseases as well as oral diseases such as periodontal disease with a high probability.


Above all, it does not produce the cause of bad breath and can be eradicated even if it is born at an early stage, so it can be said that it is even essential for people suffering from bad breath.
The dentist is not only a dental specialist, but a general specialist in the mouth.


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