Simple breath care at home. (from Japan)


It seems that there is a strong recognition that a facility called a dentist is not a place where people can easily go there.
In particular, it seems difficult for children to step in.
Therefore, it may not be common place in many homes that you do not want to go unless you get into a situation where tooth decay hurts, hurts and can not help you.


In addition, it is a facility where it is difficult for dentists to attend.
In recent years the number of dentists doing up to night has increased, but it is still a small percentage of the whole.
It usually ends by 18 o’clock, and the place that is open after 18 o’clock is full of reservations … it’s a pattern.
So it’s a little difficult place to go home from work.


Because of that, there are now various items on the market for mouse care at home.
Especially in that, “dental floss” is a popular item.

Dental floss is for cleaning between teeth.
There are various kinds of things from high-class things to things that can be obtained at a 100 yen shop.
It can not be easily removed with a toothbrush alone, and it cleans the space between the teeth.
It is characterized by the point which can remove the part which is likely to cause bad breath firmly.



In addition, breath care is a kind of mouse care that can be performed at home.
Although this directly leads to bad breath, there are some types that remove the cause directly, such as mouthwash, and some that only cut off the odor, such as breath care spray.
In any case, you can expect the effect of relieving bad breath.


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