Let’s combine various diets and balance well. ( from Japan)


By combining muscle training and half body bathing, the diet goes more smoothly. If you can get muscle to the body by muscle training, metabolism will be better accordingly. The better the metabolism, the better the fat burning efficiency, so the diet goes more smoothly.


By continuing to do muscle training such as back muscles, abdominal muscles and squats, the muscles get attached to the body and the efficiency of the diet increases. Many women think that they don’t like having a lot of muscles in their body and having their body built up, even though it is for dieting. In order to become a leaner body, you may want to do a lot of light exercises that focus on your own weight-bearing exercises.


By first doing muscle training and then doing aerobic exercise, it is possible to burn fat and turn it into muscle. When taking a half body bath, take a bath of warm water. It feels like it gets in the hot water to the bottom of the stomach, and it takes about 30 minutes for half body bath time.



Bathing accelerates sweating, promotes the discharge of waste products, and stimulates metabolism. Although diet is a staple of dieting, if you reduce the amount of food rapidly, it will put a strain on your body, so it is better to have a healthy diet. A diet centered on muscle training or a half body bath is a method that has less impact on the body, is healthier and is less likely to cause rebound.


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