How to prevent Bad breath part 32 (from Japan)


Be careful with meals to prevent bad breath


Although there are various factors, it is also food that is common to many people as the cause of bad breath.
Human beings have a significantly different degree of halitosis depending on their dietary habits.
This is true not only in the mouth but in all internal organs and bodies.
Let’s examine what kind of food is likely to cause bad breath.


First of all, it is the bread that tends to cause bad breath surprisingly.
It is a food that you can usually eat for breakfast and lunch.
Bread is likely to remain as food, and because it is easily decomposed and fermented, it tends to have an offensive odor as opposed to the smell of bread itself.


Also, this is not surprising, but foods rich in protein, including meat in general, are likely to cause halitosis.
Therefore, it is better to limit it to dinner if possible.
It’s not very desirable when you’re out there.


The way of eating is also important.
The basic thing to reduce bad breath is to reduce fasting.
Therefore, it is effective to have a good meal three times in the morning, at noon, and at night.



In addition, it is important to take out saliva.
Saliva works to wash the mouth and prevents bacterial growth.
Therefore, a mouth that can chew well and increase the amount of saliva production would be less likely to develop bad breath.
Rice is a typical example.
It is also said that westernization of food is one of the causes of bad breath.


In addition, it also works positively to increase the number of good bacteria that adjust the physical condition.
Fish and vegetables are effective.
People who are taking these well may have less trouble with bad breath.


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