Improve dry mouth and try to prevent bad breath. ( from Japan )


One of the causes of malodor in the mouth is “dry” represented by dry mouth.
The dry mouth means that the amount of saliva is extremely small.
As a result, bacteria in the mouth propagate and cause bad breath.


One of the causes of the dry mouth condition is “oral breathing”.
This is something that has been pointed out as a problem for quite some time.
The main methods of human breathing are nasal breathing and oral breathing.
There are many people who usually say that they are noses, and mouths that are exhausted during marathon running, etc. However, there are not a few people who usually breathe in their mouths.
Many of these people are suffering from bad breath.


Mouth-breathing is a major cause of dryness in the mouth.
If this becomes customary, you will always spend a little bit open.
Then the dry condition becomes commonplace and causes bad breath.


Mouth breathing has no advantage compared to nasal breathing.
Nasal breathing also leads to the stability of the autonomic nervous system in a relaxed state, and also has the effect of normalizing the secretion of saliva.
Naturally, bad breath can be suppressed.
If you breathe in the mouth, you will not only feel bad breath, it will exude the smell to the surroundings each time you breathe.
It is obvious which one is better.



Once you get used to mouth breathing, you may feel stuffy with nasal breathing, but this is the only training you can correct.
It is necessary to have a training to get used to breathing without using the mouth by always chewing the gum.


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