How to cure your self-defense. ( from Japan)


Autoodourism, unlike normal bad breath, has to solve the problem of feeling. In the case of normal bad breath or common odor, there is a clear cause for bad breath, so identifying the cause and eliminating it leads to treatment.
On the other hand, since self-odor is not the smell itself, treatment is naturally directed to mental illness.


The important thing here is how much the disease has progressed.
It is not uncommon to be able to respond only with an on-site treatment if the stage is still at a stage where the thinking is not so severe.
If you have a firm explanation that you do not have a strong bad breath, it will cure with considerable probability at this stage.
When experts say “almost”, it is a big decision factor.
If this person is saying so, it would have been my own thought … It is easy to think in the direction of.


On the other hand, if you have a certain degree of preconception, you will be using cognitive therapy.
As self-defense is a kind of so-called paranoid delusion, in order to improve it, you have to correct the gap between your senses and the senses of others.
In some cases, it may be necessary to go to the crowd to check if the people around you are not disgusting yourself.



When completely confined to your own shell, the treatment will be long lasting.
This area is the same as other mental illnesses.
Carefully wash out the causes one by one and take time to dilute it.


The problem of bad breath is not an easy one, whether it is a self odor or an odor.
If you encounter the problem, first consult with a dentist or specialist in oral surgery to have an objective assessment of your condition.



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