How to make a well-legged diet successful by doing well-planned exercise. (from Japan )


Even if you want to make your legs thinner in a short period of time, you can not easily get a footstepping effect even if you try a method of trying everything from looking to a diet. In order to effectively produce a diet effect, it is important how you diet.


It is the point of footstep diet to continue the muscle training which can use the foot positively. If you’re doing too much muscle training, your legs will get more muscle than you might expect, and you may get stuck without being slim. If you’re training your legs for a diet, you don’t need a lot of muscles, no matter how much muscle you need to burn fat.


If you are doing muscle training that is faster with the muscles attached than when the fat is consumed, it will be after you are firm. Proper aerobic exercise is the key to a lean diet so that the fat accumulated in the body can be burned smoothly. After aerobic exercise, the training aimed to build muscle leads to a diet and makes it difficult to rebound.



It is difficult to run or walk indoors if there is no dedicated space, but squats are aerobic exercise that you can feel free inside. In order to do a squat with a high diet effect, do not bend your body forward, stretch your back as much as possible and exercise up and down. However, if you turn your back when squatting, your back may be strained.


Losing your feet so that your knees do not get in front of your toes is the point for squats without damaging your knees. Be careful when squatting for a diet.



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