The relationship between coffee and bad breath. ( from Japan )


It is a disgusting story for coffee lovers.
Did you know that drinking a cup of coffee makes bad breath worse?
Of course, because there are individual differences, not all people emit bad breath.
However, coffee contains ingredients that inhibit salivation.
In addition, lowering the pH value in the mouth can also cause bad breath.


You should brush your teeth as soon as you have a cup of coffee, but after drinking coffee in a coffee shop etc., it is somewhat impossible to brush your teeth.
In such cases it is to drink water.
If possible, gargle in your mouth.
However, this can not be done at a coffee shop either.
When you eat, you will have scum in your mouth, so bad breath can not be avoided.


You may not have to worry about some degree of bad breath.
Some people are worried about bad breath, and have become really big trouble.
You don’t think much about it.
It is said that bad breath can be aggravated by stress.
Worries become stressed and fall into a vicious circle.
There are many other foods that have similar effects besides coffee.
Curry and so on.
If you eat curry, then the curry’s bad breath will not come out for a while.
However, the smell fades with time, so you don’t have to worry.
And if you have a chance, brush your teeth.
It is the cause of bad breath that the ingredients of coffee remain on the tongue.
It is important to rinse your tongue and remove any debris.




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