Learn how to brush your teeth properly and prevent bad breath. ( from Japan)


If you’re brushing your teeth to eliminate bad breath, keep your teeth clean.
It can be effective measures against bad breath.
It is because of the way of brushing teeth.
What kind of brushing do you do when brushing your teeth?
It is important to change the method according to the location of the teeth.
How to brush vertically, how to move horizontally, how to circle etc.


Ideally, you may want to change the shape of the toothbrush according to the location of your teeth.
Of course, you can not do that, so choose a shape that can be used anywhere.
If you go to a dentist, ask them in detail.
Middle-aged and elderly people should understand that the way they learned at the time of their children is different from the way they are today.
Even if you brush your teeth every day, it is said that if you grade the method, it is about 60 points.


In other words, most people are not enough.
Leftover food waste causes bad breath.
Toothpaste is surprisingly difficult.
Then the toothpaste used is also important.
When you look at promoting toothpaste, it looks like it has a great effect no matter which one you use.



It is difficult to choose.
With toothpaste and brushing your teeth, you feel pretty clean.
This is the source of mistakes.
What is refreshing is being fooled by the smell of hacky.
Even if you don’t brush your teeth enough, you will stop brushing your teeth if you feel clean.
Many people think that toothpaste is not necessary when brushing teeth.



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