Recommended Items for Acne Care


Recently I hear a rumor that Audmuge is effective as an acne care item. I examined what kind of cosmetics Audmuge is, its effects and how to use it. Audemoage is a medicinal skin care series manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Speaking of the standard products of Eau de Moege, this product is also mainly used as acne care in medicated lotions for wiping off.


In addition to wiping lotions, there are also cleanser, moisturizing lotion, skin milk and skin cream. Audmouge is a long seller product that was born in 1961. It can be used regardless of skin quality such as acne skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and age and gender, and it is recommended not only for the face but also for skin care of the whole body.


However, please be careful if you are not good at putting it on your skin, as it will sooty like mints and alcohol products. Audmuge removes skin oils, dark spots and keratin left in pores and skin. The cause of acne can be caused by sebum stuffed in the pores, acne bacteria adhering to it and causing inflammation! Since two active ingredients that are effective for acne improvement are used in Audmoge, these causes are also thorough Can be covered.


Isopropyl methyl phenol has a bactericidal action. Acne bacteria can be removed by famous as the main component of acne care products. It can also be used for Malassezia, which is the cause of back acne. In addition, because it has antifungal activity (antifungal), it is also used as an antiseptic and antifungal agent. Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate has anti-inflammatory effects.



It is an ingredient commonly used in cosmetics, hair restorers and shampoos, and has the effect of alleviating the symptoms of acne causing inflammation. For acne care, it is recommended to use a medicated lotion for wiping off. However, since it is only for wiping, it is not perfect with this one. Always use moisturizing care after using a lotion.


With the use of eau de moge, extra sebum and keratin can be obtained, increasing the penetration of lotions and emulsions. How to use eau de mouge (up to 2 times a day), remove makeup first, then wash the skin to keep it clean. Soak cotton with oat mousse and gently slide it so it does not rub your skin. You may be familiar with the palm of the hand and patting lightly. If you give moisturizing care after that, it is OK. Aude Moage is a medicinal skin care product designed to improve acne and rough skin. It is also recommended to use a line as there are cleansers and emulsions / creams.



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