Cause and Prevention of Acne


If you get acne on your forehead, you will notice and you will feel blue. What is the cause of acne problems? I summarized the cause and the prevention method. The area called the T zone from the forehead to the face is especially concentrated in the sebaceous glands and secretions in the elbows are noticeable. Therefore, due to changes in hormonal balance such as adolescence, excessive secretion of sebum causes acne especially noticeable on the forehead.


One more cause is skin damage from shampoos and hair styling products. It tends to be overlooked unexpectedly, but the remaining hairdressing material remains on the forehead, which can cause acne. In addition, hair styling agents attached to your foreheads may be attached to the forehead to irritate the skin. In addition, friction with the hat and bangs also stimulates the skin and leads to dryness, which promotes the growth of bacteria.


In this way, the forehead has a lot of sebum secretion and there are also many external factors that can be damaged, so it is easy for acne to occur. Now, let’s take a look at how we should prevent them. At the time of face washing, you must raise dirt and sebum properly. However, scrub washing damages the skin and promotes the growth of bacteria, so just wash it gently with plenty of bubbles.



First of all, wash from the hair and wash your face at the very end so that there is no shampoo or hair remaining. In particular, it is easy to forget hairline etc. so please wash it well! In addition, moisturizing after cleansing is very important to suppress excessive secretion of sebum, so aftercare should be done properly. If you can do acne, you will find that you really want to hide it with your bangs or hat, but it will make acne worse.


Stop your forelocks to reduce friction damage so that acne doesn’t get worse. It may be embarrassing, but I have to put up to cure acne as quickly as possible. At the same time, let’s refrain from covering with makeup etc. as it may worsen inflammation. Lack of sleep and eating habits cause ho-mune balance imbalance, which may lead to excessive secretion of sebum. Review your lifestyle for your acne care as well, adjust your hormonal balance in a regular life, reduce sebum secretion and normalize skin turnover.



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