Unexpectedly many troubles of buttocks acne


Butt pimples that many people are worried about unexpectedly. Once you can do it, it does not go away very well, and there are many who are embarrassing. This time, I tried to find out what causes such ass acne and how to take measures. The butt is not like back or decollete, but sebaceous glands gather and sebum is secreted. And it is also a part that supports the entire weight while sitting, the skin stimulation will become thicker and more horny.


When the horny layer becomes thick, the pores are easily clogged and acne can be easily made. Ass in underwear, clothes, chairs etc. are damaged by friction every day. The accumulation of the damage is also the cause of the occurrence of acne. Furthermore, because it is always covered with clothes, it is also one of the reasons that it has been steamed and germs have propagated. Even if you’re bathing in hot water or scrubbing, your buttocks have been damaged.


Also, if you do not rinse properly, the body soap remains attached, which may cause acne. Disorders of eating habits, lack of sleep, stress, etc. can also cause disorders of the autonomic nervous system, causing acne. If you are busy with work every day and eat only food and convenience store lunch boxes, you should be careful. Prepare a soft cushion or the like on the chair to lighten the burden on the buttocks as much as possible. Underwear will be prepared without lace or ribbon to minimize friction. Furthermore, you should avoid the bottom as tight as possible and choose a loose one that can be worn easily.



It is also recommended to incorporate peeling as a special care once a week. You can also prevent buttocks on the back by removing the dead horny skin, which also leads to improvement. Furthermore it is a stone two birds because it becomes smooth smooth ass. The butt is damaged more than I thought.


That’s why you should moisturize your buttocks with body cream every day. Do not forget, especially after peeling, as it tends to be dry. You can improve your autonomic nervous system and hormonal balance and improve acne by sending regular lifestyle habits. It is also important not to store stress.



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