How to prevent buttocks


There are the following approaches to preventing backaches. Be sure to use cushions for people who often sit and perform tasks such as personal computers and office work. If you sit in a hard chair for a long time, it will only strain your butt. In addition, you can stand up as much as possible during the rest time, and do stretching and the like to reduce the burden on the butt.


It is also important to stick to the material of the undergarment, as the cushioning alone is not breathable. The best thing is to wear cotton and other breathable underwear. When using the Western-style toilet, keep the toilet seat clean. Of course, underwear should be clean and if you sweat it, it will change frequently. Be sure to wash your buttocks carefully when taking a bath or shower.


However, using a soap or body soap that is not very deterrent will cause skin dryness. It is recommended to use skin-friendly hypoallergenic ones. After bathing, because your skin is dry, we will do moisturizing care properly. To moisturize the face, there are many people whose body is rough. Your skin feels dry and tries to secrete more and more sebum. It is important to rehydrate your skin to prevent excessive secretion of sebum. Ass moisturizing may be with body lotion or cream.



However, it is better to use a dedicated item for those who are already prone to buttocks and who are prone to buttocks. Because the skin of the buttocks is thick, with normal cream, it is difficult for the active ingredient to penetrate. By applying a thin layer of these special creams to your bath, you can prevent dryness while sleeping. If you are prone to acne buttocks, check to see if you have a life that promotes sebum secretion in your daily life.


It is important for you to have a regular life, a well-balanced diet, and no stress. If you are suffering from skin problems such as acne, it is also important to keep your skin turnover normal. If metabolism is not working well on your skin, you may get acne marks even after acne has healed. It is important to have good quality sleep, to help produce collagen, and to improve circulation, in order to make your skin turn over properly.



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