UV protection well for summer travel in Japan


In the past, it was generally believed in Japan that children in summer are healthy to be sun-tanned.
It’s bad for the body if you don’t get the sun. To some extent it is correct.
The human body has vitamins that are only synthesized by being exposed to sunlight, and it is related to growth, so living in the basement for 24 hours a day is definitely bad for the body.


However, the sunbathing time required for the synthesis of that vitamin was recently found exactly, but it seems that about 15 minutes in winter and about 5 minutes a day in summer are sufficient.
Also, conversely, it became well known about the adverse effects of ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight on the human body, and in 1998, the chapter on “The Sunbathing” was deleted from the Mother-Child Handbook.
Quite simply, ultraviolet light, even if it is a child, causes future stains and freckles.


If a boy is a girl, she will still have a sone in the distant future, so if you don’t want to commit stupidity from the old daughter, try to take UV care from a parent’s point of view from the baby Let’s.
Well, regardless of your daily life, especially when going out in summer or sea bathing, the sun is strong, so make sure to use hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, UV cut sprays, etc.
Another important thing is UV-cut lip balm.
It may be hard to imagine, but the lips are unexpectedly weak to direct sunlight, and it is known that sunlight causes the lips to be heavy.


The days when it is believed that children in summer are healthy for sunburn are now a thing of the past.
Roughly speaking, UV radiation is bad for the body.
Life that is not exposed to sunlight at all is poisonous, but as long as Japanese live within the scope of common sense as a Japanese, there is no need to worry about that.
It is better to worry about UV rays than that.
It is also a cause of skin cancer, but as a problem in the near future, it is bad for beauty.
The baby will not complain that she has stained her skin, but it is my future self to be complained by my daughter after the age of year.



In particular, summer entertainment and swimming are especially important.
Recently, a type of swimwear that covers the entire body for UV protection, which is called a rash guard, is emerging.
There is also a hat.
Recommended products are Epo Carbony Swimwear, and Evocal Marine Swimwear & Caps.
In addition, it is easy to cause sunburn when you are off guard, it is the back of the foot.
Beach sandals are dangerous in extreme heat tropical countries.


There are shoes for sale that cover the entire foot called marine shoes, so use them.
In addition, there are notes when you go out to the area where it is natural that direct sunlight is unusual, such as Okinawa.
Those who live in such areas do not go out in the first place, just because they are accustomed no matter how much they get used in the summertime, when the daytime is intense in sunlight.
It is said that most of the patients who will be sent to the dermatologist after being sun-baked from the middle of noon in midsummer Okinawa are mostly out-of-town tourists.
Let’s be careful!




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