How to cure acne scars


No matter how you take care of it, there may be acne marks left. At that time, what kind of thing is there as a way to cure acne marks as soon as possible? I thought about the tips and methods to cure the acne marks that I had made. The important point in curing acne scars is, first of all, to stimulate and not aggravate the existing acne any more. No matter how you cure acne scars, if acne scars increase further, you will not get clean skin even after all.


First of all, do not crush the acne, it can be said that it is the knack on curing the first acne trace to thoroughly do not touch. Even on the diet, there are many things that can be improved to cure acne. First of all, let’s keep in mind a lot of protein in order to increase collagen that becomes moist to the skin. Next, we will supplement minerals such as zinc and iron that can promote skin turnover and enhance metabolism. In addition, by taking vitamin B group, it can be expected to suppress the repair of mucous membranes and excessive secretion of sebum.


By taking these in a well-balanced manner, you can lead the skin from inside the body to a healthy state. Skin turnover is said to be most active between 22:00 and 20:00. Furthermore, if sleep deprivation continues, hormonal balance will be disturbed, skin turnover will not function properly, and it may also cause excessive secretion of sebum. That’s why make sure you go to sleep between 22:00 and 2 o’clock, and try to sleep for at least 6 more hours. In order to cure acne scars, it is said that it is effective to use skin care products that have high penetration power to the skin’s dermal layer.



In addition, it is important to choose one that can moisturize the skin with high moisturizing effect, finish the pores well, and normalize the skin turnover. Vitamin C derivatives, retinol, placenta, etc. are included as effective ingredients. And above all, it is very important to treat acne marks every day by continuously performing the skin care. By gently and gently washing your face every day, you can reduce the damage to the skin and remove dirt from the pores firmly, so you can further increase penetration and keep your skin clean. Acne scars are also needed to improve pigmentation.


Therefore, it gets worse when exposed to ultraviolet light, so it is not easy to improve. When care is taken for acne marks, it is also important to carefully take care not to aggravate the symptoms by using UV protection properly.



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