How to set up company trip in Japan


As there are many people traveling by employee, the secretary is difficult.
Even if you plan for a day trip, you may want to refer to a travel company model course.
Of course, if you’re a small group, even if you say it’s an employee trip, it’s a good idea to use a tour.
We introduce a recommended plan that will be useful for planning a day trip in the Kanto area.
There are many places where you can go on a day trip from Kanto.
There is a lot of sightseeing spots such as Chiba Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture, etc., as it is only necessary to go back and forth using high speed.
Originally, sightseeing spots around the metropolitan area target tourists from the city center.


We have many plans for employee travel.
Of course, it is also possible to plan an original plan depending on the number of people.
However, since it is a day trip, it will be the pattern of shopping in the service area etc. of the return and the speed at high speed.
It will be a local lunch and a little one hour tour.
The spa resort Hawaiianans is located in Iwaki, Yumoto, Fukushima Prefecture.


There are a hot spring and a swimming pool, and the best buffet for lunch is being prepared.
It is the contents of the meal that we care about in employee travel.
There are various people and their preferences are different, so there will always be people who complain to the secretary.
With Viking you can eat what you like.
You need to prepare alcohol for your company trip, but you can choose from the buffet as a snack.
Other than this, there are sightseeing spots that children enjoy, such as Nasu Animal Kingdom and Nikko Edomura as recommended.


Recommended tours for travel agencies have plans for employee travel.
There are many recommended plans for the Kanto area, which has a large population.
Let’s introduce the best plan for employee travel.
Of course, it is an important role of the secretary to make a choice according to the age group of the employees among the recommendations.
It is also good to choose a recommendation in the ranking, but it is safe to choose from the plans established by the travel agency.
How about a one night stay at Tsukuba Grand Hotel as an accommodation plan?


Tsukuba-san Onsengo is popular as a hot spring, so if there are many women at work, everyone will be satisfied.
It is approximately two hours by car from Kanto downtown area.
Room to stay has rank by rate.
Because it can be decided in balance with the budget, it will be easy to use as an employee trip.
No one will want a cheap and luxurious room.
There is also a plan for traveling to the site, and you can also use a reserved bus.


You may go to one of the tourist facilities on the way.
Not only the first meeting but also the second meeting will set up.
It is certain to reserve in advance.
Of course, calling a companion is an extra charge.
The secretary should plan according to the members.
As it will increase employee travel at the year-end party and New Year’s party season, early booking is required.
We recommend a plan to relax at a hot spring near Kanto.
Of course, it would be nice to plan a 2 night trip far away.
Employee travel has become less common as a means of communication between young people and middle-aged people in recent years.


There are many recommended plans for groups like employee travel.
The safest thing is the hot spring.
If it is a local hot spring of Kanto, you can fully enjoy it with a one night plan.
There are many recommended hot springs, but we will introduce recommendations.
If you can secure a travel distance of about 2 hours from the Kanto area, there are quite a lot of hot springs.


It is roughly divided into Shizuoka Prefecture towards the south and Gunma and Tochigi towards the north.
Is Gunma Prefecture Kusatsu Onsen?
It is a popular hot spring for women and middle-aged people, so it’s recommended as an employee travel plan.
Let’s plan the way off on the way by the members.
The quality of the hot spring has been used for a long time, so it should be good for beauty.



It boasts the largest export volume in Japan.
Everyone will know about Kusatsu Onsen, and may have entered it once.
However, the story is different when it comes to employee travel.
Of course, it is difficult to think of a travel plan that all employees can satisfy, so it is safe to use the plan set up by a travel company.
Group travel planning can be found easily by searching on a specialized site.


You can set conditions such as one night, one night from Kanto.
Depending on the number of people, you may need to reserve a reserved bus.
There are also many travel agencies.
As there are many users in the Kanto area, travel plans are also increasing.
If possible, I would like to choose a place with few people, but in reality it would be difficult.
You need to reserve early for the travel season.


Recommended plan for employee travel from Kanto.
Let’s introduce a popular plan.
There is also a pattern of traveling to a distant place by employee travel, but in many cases it is difficult to match everyone’s convenience, so it is recommended to travel overnight in a short distance.
If it is from Kanto, it is a hot spring of Gunma.
There are many hot springs even if it is called Gunma.
Kusatsu, Shimanto, Ikaho, Minakami Onsen, etc. would be popular places.


It will arrive in about 3 hours from within the city, so even if you move from the end of work on the weekend, you can slowly soak in the hot spring.
The next day, it is a plan to come back leisurely while stopping at a nearby tourist spot.
Unexpectedly high popularity is Okinawa.
There are direct flights from Kanto, so the distance is far from that of Gunma Prefecture in time.
When I finished my job and took a nap on the sheet, it was already in Okinawa.


For employee travel, we have to think about the next day’s recreation.
It is because I think that the hot spring alone is not enough.
It is a valuable time for employees who do not have the opportunity to speak everyday to communicate.
The most important thing is to spend meaningfully.
The relationship between the younger generation and middle-aged and older is also important.
A while ago, the number of companies giving up on employee travel was increasing due to the economic downturn, but the significance of employee travel has recently been reviewed.
This is meaningful for both management and workers.
Although work at a company is difficult, it often goes smoothly by the relationship between people.
Let’s make it a pleasant company trip.


Group travel navigation is recommended if you are consulting employee travel.
Of course you can find not only domestic travel but also recommended overseas travel.
All you have to do is set the conditions and make a bulk estimate.
If the area is limited to Kanto only, you can choose from the plans.
Of course, it is also possible to plan a custom-made plan.
The reason why there is group travel navigation is that many companies are planning employee travel.


It is the secretary who is serious about employee travel.
If you can reduce the role of the secretary even a little, it will be said that the site has its significance.
You can ask a travel agent individually, but it is not easy to determine which travel agent would benefit.
If you have a pleasant trip and your budget is reasonable, everyone will be happy.
You can ask for all of your travel dates, but you can also use this site if you want only reserved buses.
Even if the details are not decided just by saying that it is near Kanto, you can take a quote.
If you don’t understand, we will propose a suitable plan if you consult.
You just have to provide information as how many nights you will spend as an image, how many months it will take, and how long you expect travel time.
In the case of employee travel, the number of people will increase, so I would like to consult about 3 months ago for domestic travel.
By consulting early, you can consider many things.
Sometimes it’s good to decide on employee surveys from multiple plans.




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