recommended countries for your first trip abroad with your family


Do you have a habit of going out for a family trip at your home?
Do you go out for a family trip once in a few years, even if it is not a habit?
Family travel seems to be home of homecoming only, but let’s say that homecoming is not included this time.
It is a trip for enjoying sightseeing etc. to the last.
Family trips do not seem to be carried out easily if either of the parents dislike travel.
In many cases, fathers often dislike traveling, and there seems to be little opportunity for family travel in such a family.
Even so, it seems that some dad’s will be overwhelmed by the children and they will finally be going out.
In recent years, travel abroad has become so cheap that it is no longer unusual for families to travel abroad.
In particular, countries from Japan’s neighborhood to Southeast Asia are becoming popular as travel destinations for family travel, as airline fares and prices are low.
If it is cheaper than domestic travel, you will also understand the desire to choose overseas.
Especially if you are traveling abroad for the first time with your family, this area is still one of the recommendations.
Also, if you are going out with your family, your parents should also be working on a long vacation and at the same time your children are going on a long vacation on school.
If you do so, it will be summer vacation or winter vacation, but it is good to go to the southern country in cold winter, but considering the sudden temperature change etc., when small children and elderly people are together I recommend summer vacation.


How is your travel plan for this summer’s vacation?
I would like to recommend overseas for family trips, is there any room for consideration?
If I go abroad for a family trip for the first time from now on, I think that there are a lot of worries and anxieties.
Still, if your parents have gone abroad several times, you won’t have to worry that much, but if you go out on your honeymoon once, is it OK to take your children, I think various concerns come to mind.
I think depending on the age of the child, but if young children are together, it is still recommended to tour.
The good thing about the tour is that it already comes with sightseeing and that there is already a way to go.
Some of the tours come with all the meals, so there are no concerns or concerns about where to eat in the foreign countries you are not used to.
If you have little experience of traveling abroad, even if you have only one meal, you can not easily select a local restaurant.
In addition, there are many ways in which time simply flows without being decided on what to do in free time and where to go.
Even though you’re coming abroad for a great family trip, that’s a lot.
So, if you are not used to traveling abroad, it’s just a tour.
If you don’t feel confident, the first step is to choose the best possible tour.
Also, if you only have a tour with lots of free time, we recommend the optional tour.
However, too much stuffing can cause you to get tired, so let’s give some room and apply for some.
At that time, it is also important to choose an optional tour that does not make your child bored.
I would like to give you the best summer vacation for your children.



Even if I say family travel and tips, the notes will change depending on what kind of family configuration.
This time, I would like to talk a little about the case where infants are included.
There are no infants and you can not go abroad, but there are still a few things to keep in mind.
First, I think I’m going to go on a family trip during my parents’ summer vacation or winter vacation, but if the trip destination is overseas, it is safer to avoid a country that is too hot or too cold if you are bringing infants.
Let’s wait until we grow a little more.
I would like to go abroad for a family trip, but there is no sightseeing for infants, so I think that it is imaginable that life as much as possible is desirable as much as possible.
If you can take it, we recommend that you bring a stroller that you use in Japan.
The hug strings for holding infants, etc. are also common, so if you have favorite sweets, bring it as well.
Let’s bring in medicines, too, so as not to forget what you always use.
Furthermore, even if there is a time difference, it will be fine if you arrive locally, so it is natural to pay attention to the usual mealtime and bedtime.
I also want to secure a nap time, and after a long time out, I recommend you to take some rest time.
In the case of Japanese people, even if you bring their infants, I think that there are still many in Hawaii and Guam, but on such a southern island, please be sure to keep the infant’s UV protection as well.
In summer vacation and winter vacation Hawaii and Guam are full of Japanese, so in that sense there is also the advantage that it is easier to seek help when something happens.


Family travel is not always something that parents and their children go out with.
In the case of parents and their parents, that is, children, there are a lot of cases in which you and your grandparents go out together.
Although I am good enough for many years, I have many people who have never traveled overseas even though I am still sufficiently healthy, so there are many who want to go, and from the standpoint of a daughter or a son Even so, it will be natural for you to feel that you want to take you overseas once.
If you do, it will also be a family trip.
If you are working in the summer vacation or winter vacation, I think that it is often going to be overseas as a family trip, but also in the case of the elderly people, rapid changes in temperature are likely to break their physical condition, Will need some attention.
The recommendation is Hawaii and Guam, which are also relatively easy to understand Japanese even overseas.
In the unlikely event that you have a worsening illness or if you get sick in the field, you have the advantage of being more likely to get to a well-equipped hospital.
However, if you have a healthy destination, it is no problem even if you think about your illness before you go, so if you have a destination of your choice, it will be an even greater honor to meet them.
If it is not such a long schedule, Europe etc. are also recommended.
Anyway, when traveling with the elderly, make sure that you have a break time between them.
In the case of a general tour, the schedule is particularly likely to be tiring and tiring because it is not particularly tailored to the elderly.
Please try to choose one with plenty of free time as much as possible.
It is also good if there is a consideration to incorporate Japanese food along the way if possible.
By the way, how about inviting family members to go abroad for a summer vacation this year?




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