Recommended method for acne scar care


For those who are prone to acne, the Pore Pack is a very useful item that can remove clogged pores. However, is it the right way to use a pore pack for acne scar care? We will also introduce how to select and use the pore pack. Pore ​​pack can take out glorious plug and dirt of the back of pore that can not be taken out by face washing.


However, the burden on the skin is large, and it is unsuitable for damaged skin with acne marks. By forcing the horny skin out, the pores will spread and not only dirt will easily accumulate, but it will also become easy to dry and the skin will be damaged and bacteria will grow more easily. Furthermore, as the skin gets thicker to repair the damage, the acne scars get harder and harder to heal.


You should avoid the use of peel-type pore packs when treating acne scars. Since moisturizing is the most important factor in acne scar care, you will choose a pack of sheet type, but use of sheet type requires caution. The sheet type adheres to the skin and moisturizes, but the stratum corneum tends to become too moist and fragile.



In addition, bacteria may enter between the sheet and the skin, which may cause further inflammation and dryness. If you are concerned about acne marks, it is also recommended to use a pack that is gentle on the skin, such as a clay pack or a carbonate pack. Acne marks are moisturizing by any means, but acne marks are further improved by selecting a pack that contains ingredients that promote skin rejuvenation, whitening and skin turnover.


I will be done. In addition, you can also prevent the occurrence of new acne if you choose one that has a bactericidal effect. Use vitamins and natural ingredients, and use a skin-friendly pack with no additives. By the way, carbonation is very effective in promoting skin turnover as it has the effect of increasing metabolism!



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