Recommended destinations for traveling abroad (Taiwan, Hawaii, Australia)


Let us introduce you a list of recommended countries as travel destinations for family trips.
The first foreign country I want to recommend for older people and children alike is Taiwan.
Taiwan is an island country located slightly south of the main island of Okinawa, so the first recommendation is that it is very close to Japan and you won’t get tired even if you’re on a plane.
In addition, by adjusting the time of arrival and departure of the flight, it is possible to sightseeing on the day of departure and on the day of return, so the number of travel days can be shortened.
If you think about these, do you feel that you may be able to go together without anxiety even with small children and the elderly.
Furthermore, the country of Taiwan is a very pro-Japanese country, so it is very kind and kind to Japanese people.
In fact, most Japanese who traveled in Taiwan say that almost everyone likes Taiwan.
There are surprisingly many countries that do not find it difficult to travel, but Taiwan will be among the three fingers in terms of being able to travel ‘comfortably’.
The climate is similar to Okinawa prefecture, and summer is hot and winter is relatively warm, so it would be easy to spend even in winter.
It is not a regular summer, so don’t expect “heat” in winter.
Even though it is hot in summer, it’s still not right at the equator, so you can imagine the same summer as Japan’s southern part.
Therefore, it is safe to choose as a family vacation destination for summer vacation.
Of course, if you are in summer, you can go swimming in the sea or beach in Taiwan, enjoy marine sports, and have fun walking around the city.
There is no problem with food.
It is a flavor that matches the Japanese taste very much, so you can enjoy the food as well, except you are not good at Chinese food.
There are many temples in the tourist attractions in Taiwan, but there are also great natural landscapes, and the “night market”, with many stalls coming out at night, is also very enjoyable.
Please consider Taiwan, where you can enjoy your family and travel in peace.


Hawaii is the number one destination for overseas travel that Japanese people have always loved.
After all Hawaii is an island that I definitely can not remove from the recommended destinations.
Why is Hawaii so popular?
Many people say that the climate is very comfortable and others say that many marine sports can be enjoyed safely.
Yet another point is that while being a leisurely comfortable and safe resort, you can enjoy a variety of shopping, sightseeing and more.
Some people say that it is easy to stay in Japan, which is almost everywhere.
Anyway, it’s Hawaii that is all over the world.
And the fact that so many things are in place means that it is good for a wide range of age groups.
You can enjoy it no matter who goes to it, so I think it’s probably best for a family trip.
In fact, Hawaii is always the top destination for family travel destinations.
As you may have heard, Hawaii is said to be an island of everlasting summer, but because it has a dry climate, it is said that it is a pleasant heat, not a clammy heat like in Japan. You
If so, you may go out for summer vacation, or go for winter vacation.
Considering the temperature difference with Japan, we recommend summer vacation, but if you are confident about your health and physical condition, I think winter vacation is also good.
In addition, Hawaii can hardly recommend English even if it can not be spoken, so I can recommend it to anyone in that sense, but if you are not interested in shopping or marine suits, visiting islands other than Owafu Island is a candidate It is good to keep it.
Most of the meals in Hawaii are American-style.
However, since there are a large number of Japanese tourists, there are many restaurants serving Japanese food, so please rest assured about your food.



There used to be times when the first travel destination for Japanese people to go abroad was Australia, not Hawaii.
Currently, travel to various countries has increased, but after all Hawaii has regained the top spot.
However, Australia continues to maintain high popularity.
Australia is a very large country, as one continent is one country.
In one trip, you can only know a part, so you will often visit again and again.
One of the characteristics of Australia that differs greatly from other popular overseas destinations is that it is located in the southern hemisphere of the earth.
Do you know that the countries located in the southern half holidays are opposite in season to the countries in the northern hemisphere?
In other words, if you go to Australia in Japan’s summer vacation, you can do winter sports, and if you go to Japan’s winter vacation, you can do marine sports.
However, this is not a general statement, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is hot all year round because the vast northern part of Australia is close to the equator.
Please take into account the area, aim for sightseeing in which area, and decide whether to start the summer holiday or to start the winter holiday.
Australia has many climatic divisions, large cities, deserts, rare natural landscapes, and all kinds of resort areas, so you can be confident in the age group Can be recommended.
Such countries are rare even overseas.
Everyone can enjoy even three generation family trips.
And even if it is located in the Southern Hemisphere, it is possible to arrive in 6 to 7 hours flight time from Narita if it is in the northern part of Australia.
You can go in flight time that is almost the same as Hawaii.
This is also a country I want to recommend especially for family travel.




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