How to cure acne scars beautifully


The skin with acne marks can be a source of trouble for women alone. You may have used pore pack for acne scar care to remove dirt from pores and care as soon as possible. What kind of effect does pore pack give to such acne scar care this time? I also checked about the correct usage. The skin with acne marks is very sensitive.


Acne scars are reddening the skin due to inflammation and causing pigmentation. In addition, the normal pore pack forcibly peels off and removes the keratin remaining in the pores, so it not only spreads the pores greatly but also places a large burden on the pores. As a result, the necessary keratin is also forcefully removed, and the inflamed skin is further damaged, and the acne marks are further aggravated.


Then, the pores are forced to open, seemingly that the pores are clean, but sebum and dirt are more likely to occur again in the open pores, which may cause acne. If you use a pore pack on skin with acne marks, acne marks will not improve but they will often get worse. If you use it on the skin where acne marks remain, we recommend the clay pack. Clay Pack is a mud pack that can be used with confidence for sensitive acne skins because it is made of natural ingredients.


In addition, clay is excellent in absorption and adsorption, so it can firmly absorb sebum and dirt that clogs pores and can be dropped without stressing the skin. The moisturizing effect is also high, so you can moisturize the skin while removing dirt, and you can also supplement moisture and minerals that are lacking in acne marks. Furthermore, the detox effect is also high, so metabolism can be increased to promote skin turnover, which can also be expected to improve acne scarring.



The clay pack does not have the effect of spreading the pores, so first use the steaming towel etc to spread the pores. Spread the clay pack over the entire face except the eyes and mouth and leave for about 15 minutes. During this time, always keep the pack moist to prevent drying. After 15 minutes, it is completed by dropping it in lukewarm water. If you continue for about a month, you should realize that acne marks will gradually improve. However, it is difficult to improve crater-type acne scars, so in that case, go to the beauty clinic and get professional treatment.



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